Palmetto Buffalo is the most popular and highest selling buffalo in the world. It has a soft leaf, good winter colour, requires less mowing and is drought resistant.

If you want a lawn that requires less maintenance, watering or fertilizer, then Palmetto is the best choice for you.

According to research, Palmetto Buffalo has over 75% better winter colour. And whilst it performs well in full sun, it also won’t let you down in shaded areas. Palmetto Buffalo is recommended to perform in up to 65% shade in low wear conditions and up to 45% shade with moderate to high wear conditions. As long as it gets 2-4 hours of direct sunlight a day, it will thrive where others fail.

Do you remember lying on old Buffalo lawns and getting scratchy skin? Well your kids won’t have to worry with Palmetto Buffalo because it is low allergenic compared to those old varieties. Plus the leaf is very soft so it’s also not physically scratchy either. The reason for this is it doesn’t have scratchy barbs on it like the old varieties.

Palmetto tends to grow fast across the ground but has less upward growth than most other varieties. We believe Palmetto is the only fast growing Buffalo with more horizontal growth than vertical. So you won’t have to get that mower out as often. Which is more time enjoying the grass than worrying about mowing it.

Palmetto is drought resistant because it has such a strong, deep root system. It uses water better than other varieties and this also contributes to better green colour all year around.

Palmetto Buffalo has a dense growth, meaning you’ll also see less weeds, and because it also grows in winter, it will be less likely to allow weeds to invade during winter.

Palmetto Buffalo grass has good tolerance to gray leaf spot and other diseases and is more resistant to pests such as lawn grub. As with any natural product, problems can occasionally occur. If they do occur, please consult our maintenance guide, or seek expert advice.

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$18.95 per m2