Welcome to the online home of Supernatural Grass – the highest quality synthetic and natural grass and turf and lawn solutions availableĀ in Victoria. The Supernatural Grass team have partnered with our own growers in the beautiful region of Myrtleford, which has THE best climate for growing grass in Victoria. Many companies sell you grass from Sydney, or other regions which either takes more time to get to your place or where the conditions are not ideal for growing. Myrtleford has a microclimate that is warmer than average, awesome soils and abundant water plus lower incidence of frost. This all means the grass you get is better and stronger and ready for the next phase of it’s life in your home or development.

We work closely with these growers to determine which grass breeds will be grown and therefore we’re able to supply you with a selection of fresh, high quality grass that suits the area you need to grow it in. Full sun, semi shade, drought tolerant, low mowing frequency. All these factors are taken into account in selecting the best grass to suit your needs.

We stock a large range of synthetic grasses for domestic, commercial and sporting applications and we also partner with local growers to stock a wide range of high quality natural turfs and grasses including buffalo, kikuyu and couch grasses.

Our natural grasses include:

  • Kenda Kikuyu
  • Palmetto Buffalo Grass
  • Sapphire Soft-Leaf Buffalo
  • Nara Native Grass
  • Empire Zoysia

Our Synthetic range includes:

  • High quality Supernatural Grass (made in Australia)
  • The Life Like Brand(an imported range from China)

Order online or call our friendly staff at Supernatural Grass Headquarters in Hallam, Victoria on 1300 727 678.