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Supernatural Grass is an alternate to real grass – it is long lasting and durable, and avoids the wear and tear usually caused on sporting grounds, especially during the winter seasons. You can use it for Tennis, Golf, Lawn Bowls, Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Athletics, Playgrounds, and more.

With drought coming more often to Victoria, many sporting clubs and community groups have struggled to maintain their lawn areas – resulting in deterioration. They also struggle to find the money to repair and maintain natural grasses, including weeding, watering and fertilising.

Synthetic sports turf is the ideal solution to these problems. Produced with high quality synthetic blades and triple latex backing, your synthetic grass is durable enough to withstand any conditions but is soft enough to walk on and has been proven to minimize sports related injuries on the field.

The manufacturers of Supernatural Grass, who supply us our Australian Made Grass have also produced synthetic grass for major sports events and Olympic stadiums including the boundary lines for the AFL, MCG and Telstra as well as the Sydney and Beijing Olympics.

The Supernatural Grass team has supplied the synthetic grass and organised installation for dozens of synthetic sports turf for lawn bowls, hockey fields, cricket grounds, and more